Rules (Please Read Them)

  1. Ask how to enter or what's going on in the ooc memo.
  2. NO SPAMMING!!!!
  3. Be in both 'bus' and 'bus_ooc'.
  4. Ask the Mods before you do something. Ex. Inviting someone new. (More-so meaning don't be a douche and gangtroll with a bro.)
  5. Don't LAG the memo. Or in other words abuse emote use. Ex. :tap:
  6. Please, if you wish to be OP... don't ask. We must know you well enough before we can. 
  7. When an OP says "stop" then stop.
  8. If you stalk the memo. We will use the ban hammer.
  9. Be nice to other people, and they will be nice to you. (If not then please, let a mod know)
  10. The Mods drive the bus, and if they aren't then the bus is on auto-pilot or more than likely parked.
  11. No starting a Smut or anything similar please, we suggest you PM or make your own memo.
  12. The bus can not be destroyed, broken, or damaged in anyway.
  13. Honking is permitted, but if you abuse it you will be banned.
  14. If you harass someone, you will be banned.
  15. Do not force someone to do something that they do not want to do.
  16. You will be banned if you are idle for 30 Min's to an hour.
  17. Fighting in the memo is allowed only IC, if OOC fights happen things will go ugly.
  18. When talking OOC inside the main memo you MUST use brackets. Ex. (( )) {{ }} [[ ]] // // But we have a OOC memo for this.
  19. No nsfw links AT ALL!!
  20. Quirks that are un-readable, too bright, or if you have to highlight to see are not allowed.
  21. Do not butt into someone else's RP and completely take over and make it your's.
  22. And last but not least, if you have any concerns or questions just ask the mods, or the owner. We just want everyone to have fun!

What The Bus Looks Like

What the Bus looke like, thanks to VC The bus is a double decker RV bus, equipped with; two bathrooms, three beds in a bedroom, a kitchen, and the standard (but rather comfy) drivers' and pasengers' area. The top floor being the living-like quarters while the bottom being the standard travel bus. The only acception is the two bathrooms (both having a shower area) are on the passenger level. The bus itself is literally a dreambubble traveling device. The theme song for the memo is this.

The OPs

Current Moderators on the memo.


Latest activity

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